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As of August 1, 2019, tower constuction has begun. > Read the press release
Construction is underway in Jacksboro! We are coming soon with our Internet Service You Can Use. We understand how painful it is to struggle with a slow Internet connection or to run out of data when you need it most. That is why we invented technology — it's patented! — to allow rural commuinites to enjoy similar benefits as larger cities do.
  • NO data caps
  • NO throttling
  • NO contracts (cancel anytime)
Connect Your Entire Family: Binge watch movies, work efficiently from home, help your student perform better in school, connect multiple devices, play multiplayer online games in real time, and more.

“We love our synKro service! Our previous Internet service was with Frontier [DSL]. The connection was slow and other options were very expensive. When we were approached by synKro we dropped Frontier and made the switch. Very glad we did. I can watch YouTube and surfing is a breeze!”

Marilyn, Lakefield

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Construction is underway in Jacksboro!

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