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Press Release: synKro Broadband Internet is Officially Coming to Idalou Texas

synKro Broadband Internet continues to respond to the increased demand for reliable Internet service in small towns and rural areas. Residents in the city of Idalou, Texas demonstrated their desire for quality broadband Internet service by pre-signing up for service. The area met the minimum number of sign ups needed for synKro to make a build commitment and construction will begin in Idalou on April 27, 2020. The synKro™ broadband Internet service will be available to households and businesses in the town of Idalou and surrounding area. 

Minneapolis, April 27, 2020 – Today, synKro Broadband Internet confirmed their commitment to bring their broadband Internet service to Idalou, by starting construction. Their high tech fixed-wireless service is aimed at closing the broadband gap in rural areas across the U.S. They have partnered with American Tower Corporation (ATC) and Field Nation (a nation-wide technical support organization) and use local technicians to install equipment on the ATC tower located in Idalou. The project, when complete, will provide broadband Internet service to households and businesses in and around Idalou. 

synKro Broadband Internet takes a unique approach to choosing where to build their services by putting their customers in control of whether the community will get the service or not. By signing up for service, prior to construction, individuals and businesses in the community “vote” for synKro to come to town. When their minimum subscriber threshold is met, synKro begins their construction process and starts providing service. This modern approach is part of their overall company philosophy to give consumers greater control which also includes their purchasing decisions and more flexible on-demand service options. 

The FCC reports that more than 25 million Americans in rural areas lack broadband Internet. This number, however, is considered wildly understated. According to Microsoft data, over 160 million people across the United States cannot use the Internet at broadband speeds, which would mean upwards of 14 million people in Texas. 

"Every person deserves the same opportunity. But all too often, and in too many places, opportunities are limited by where people live and their access to reliable and affordable broadband Internet," said Carl-Johan Torarp, CEO, synKro Broadband Internet. "Our patented synKro cloud technology solution is working across the country to close this gap. It is leveraging Microsoft’s highly scalable and secure public cloud Azure. We're looking forward to coming to Idalou and are encouraged by the enthusiastic response we are receiving from residents, business, and local officials.” 

The construction process is expected to take several months. The improved service will bolster economic, educational, and telecommuting opportunities for everyone in the area. 

 synKro continues to sign up subscribers in the Lamesa and Shallowater areas. 

About synKro 

synKro is the service delivery brand of LocaLoop that invented patented cloud technology that brings the full power of broadband Internet to rural areas.

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