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Important information about synKro COVID-19 preparedness

As the preferred quality provider of broadband Internet service to rural areas across the United States, we at synKro Broadband Internet want to assure our subscribers that we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and its potentially significant impact on the communities we serve. 

Staying Connected 

We understand the importance of staying connected and the role we, our network, and our employees play in keeping our customers and rural communities connected during this critical time. As communities across our country take steps to slow and contain this outbreak, our subscribers can have peace of mind knowing that we are prepared. Our broadband Internet services will continue to enable families to work from home, attend school from home, and perform typical day-to-day activities – whether that’s calling a loved one, watching a movie, video conferencing, social media, online shopping, or any other form of communication or service that you rely on synKro to provide.

Technology Reliability and Backup Resources 

Our leading-edge network technology, supported by the cloud, is robust and engineered for reliability. We have remote management and back-up capabilities in place with dedicated staff, equipment and supplies ready to identify and remedy our mission critical operations. In addition, we closely manage network usage in all our locations across the U.S. to ensure there is ample capacity for an optimal subscriber experience. With more and more people working from home in response to the COVID-19 situation, we continue to streamline performance of the network and adjust capacity as needed. Our seasoned technicians stand ready to address any network issues that may arise. 

Continuing to Close the Gap

During this challenging period, we continue our mission to close the broadband Internet gap in rural areas. In times of emergency, the digital divide creates even more serious impacts for under-served families and businesses across our country. Currently all our construction efforts are moving forward. This includes the latest ongoing construction sites in Jacksboro, Kermit, Springtown, and Idalou in Texas. To respond to the vast need for broadband Internet service, we are starting construction in many additional communities. synKro takes a unique consumer-led approach by building its service only in communities that demonstrate demand. To request service in your area, please visit or send an email to 

We will continue to be diligent in monitoring reports and recommendations from the CDC, local and government officials and adjust our plans as needed. We understand that providing broadband Internet connectivity to people, places and things is an absolute requirement for a modern society to function, and we’re committed and ready to do our part.Thank you for being a loyal synKro Broadband Internet subscriber, let’s support each other in these challenging times.