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Coming Soon to Rural Texas

Bringing better broadband Internet service to new rural areas in Texas


 We are currently developing our broadband Internet service in twelve communities of Texas

  • Bridgeport
  • Jacksboro
  • Sunset
  • Henrietta
  • Springtown
  • Venus
  • Italy
  • Kermit
  • Idalou
  • Buffalo Springs Lake
  • Lamesa
  • Shallowater  
We also cover surrounding areas of each of these communities. Residents and businesses can check their eligibility for service by visiting our website (click on “Find Your Town” > Sign Up > enter your street address). 


 Our process is simple and straightforward. We work with each community to understand their needs. We then build and connect our networks in priority order based on community demonstrated demand in terms of the number of sign-ups. 

Here are the steps required for subscribers to get connected: 

Step 1: Sign Up for Service Residents and small businesses visit our website and sign up for service. Communities that reach a minimum of 50 pre-orders will move on to the next stage 

Step 2: Construction Once a community has demonstrated demand by signing up 50 households, we begin our build process. Construction will take two-three months to complete. 

Step 3: We Connect Subscribers After construction is complete, subscribers will go live and enjoy quality broadband Internet service! 

It is important for individuals and businesses to pre-sign up for service. This determines where the most urgent needs are. We encourage competition between the communities because the quicker an area reaches our 50 subscriber minimum, the faster they will get service. Having synKro™ quality broadband Internet service is a win for the communities we serve – and winning feels good! 


Every day the world is becoming more digital. Fast growth in cloud computing combined with new productivity, communication and intelligent web-apps and cloud services for both consumer and businesses enable us to do more, do it more quickly and in ways that were simply unimaginable a generation ago. Participating in this new digital transformation era requires high-speed broadband Internet service

 Without proper broadband Internet, communities cannot offer people the ability to run a modern business (either locally or remotely), access telemedicine, take online classes, work from home, digitally transform their farm or research a school project online. In short, they cannot: Get Any Modern Web Job Done℠! 

The synKro fixed wireless broadband Internet makes it possible for rural communities to capitalize on the fast-moving digitalization trend. It offers consumers a personalized, interactive and accessible service 24 hours a day for its subscribers within the coverage area. 

Our synKro broadband Internet service provides communities with access to education, economic and healthcare opportunities that enable individuals and business to prosper and grow resulting in an economically healthy and growing community. 


While other companies as well as both federal, state, and local government talk about the challenges of bringing broadband to rural areas, synKro is busy doing something about it. Our solution is practical, time-tested, and stable. Unlike most other carriers — who overstate the speed they can provide and offer teaser rates to trap subscribers into long-term contracts — we deliver what we promise and have easy terms. The flat monthly price you see, is the price you pay — no gimmicks. We don’t require a contract and subscribers can cancel anytime. There are no data caps and no throttling. Our subscribers appreciate the flexibility of being able to personalize their service by adjusting their service tier in real time. They can even downgrade their service while on vacation. 

synKro Broadband Internet takes a unique approach to choosing where to build their services by putting their customers in control of whether the community will get the service or not. By signing up for service, individuals and businesses in the community “vote” for synKro to come to town. When their minimum subscriber threshold is met, synKro begins their construction process and starts providing service. This modern approach is part of their overall company philosophy to give consumers greater control which also includes their purchasing decisions and more flexible service options.  

 We are exited to bring our capabilities to these new locations in Texas and look forward to welcoming them into the synKro family. 


 Learn more by visiting or call 1-844-883-1659