about synkro
Our story 

It Started with a Dream 

But first, really, it was a question. Why is Internet service so poor in rural areas and small towns? Seriously, why?
It’s not because of a lack of talk about creating better access. You can find endless articles discussing the need to develop broadband Internet service and appeals to make investments and rollout improvements. However, the reality was that, despite all the clamor, very little was actually getting done.
You Deserve Better
Today, broadband Internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. It is said that technology is the great equalizer. Having equal access to technology resources is not only important to the economic well-being of your area it is critical to the strength of our nation.
The Answer is Ingenuity
We at synKro, being who we are, are not much for talk and greatly prefer action. We believed that there must be a better way to deliver affordable and fast Internet service to smaller communities. So, we rolled up our sleeves and invented a way. The result is our patented technology that brings the full power of the Internet to small towns and rural areas across the U.S.

Why choose synKro:

Quality Internet service without the usual limits
  • NO data caps
  • NO throttling
  • NO contracts (cancel anytime)
our technology
Invented, Patented, Manufactured and Introduced in North America

Designed for You

Our company is built to serve the unique Internet needs of rural areas and small towns across the U.S. Our proprietary 5G fixed wireless technology allows us to bring high-speed broadband Internet to areas that traditional providers find hard to reach. Our service is superior to DSL, satellite, and cellular offerings which can suffer from performance issues due to a lack of speed, latency (delays), weather, and data caps. With synKro, experience superior service without limits and Internet You Can Use.
synKro is powered by LocaLoop, our U.S. based parent company. LocaLoop combines its secure cloud-based software technology and robust industry-leading network hardware into an innovative service that is convenient, reliable, and puts you in control.