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Our patented cloud technology allows rural communities to enjoy high-quality broadband Internet service at an affordable price. Use any modern Web app without the usual limits.

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As the preferred quality provider of broadband Internet service to rural areas across the United States, we at synKro Broadband Internet want to assure our subscribers that we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and its potentially significant impact on the communities we serve. 

Staying Connected 

We understand the importance of staying connected and the role we, our network, and our employees play in keeping our customers and rural communities connected during this critical time. As communities across our country take steps to slow and contain this outbreak, our subscribers can have peace of mind knowing that we are prepared. Our broadband Internet services will continue to enable families to work from home, attend school from home, and perform typical day-to-day activities – whether that’s calling a loved one, watching a movie, video conferencing, social media, online shopping, or any other form of communication or service that you rely on synKro to provide.
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“Wow. We found out about synKro Broadband Internet about a year ago. We are building a house in Taylor out west of the airport and tried to get a hold of another Internet provider but could never get through and after hearing horror stories, signed up with synKro.

 Before we didn't get that good high-speed internet in the valley. No slow downs, buffering or any other problems. GREAT value also. Love them.”

BOB, synKro subscriber in Taylor, AZ

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synKro is an Internet service provider offering superior broadband Internet to small towns and rural communites throughout the U.S. For more information or to request service in your area, contact us by phone or email.